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Soccer training: DVDs, professional literature and something more - available for purchase online at is the slightly different online shop for coaches. Today’s generation of coaches wants to respond to the changes in workout design and planning, for modern training methods have changed completely in recent years and promise to continue to do so.

Soccer coaching is a good example of how the development of new training methods and devices is constantly advancing. Whether it is eBooks, innovative workout products or the steady flow of new information, no-one should miss this online shop for today’s trainers and the sports they coach. is your partner in the mail-order business for trainer and team products for goal-directed training

At our soccer and sports shop you can purchase soccer articles (and more!) comfortably online. We offer new titles and the latest editions for the goal-oriented training of all age categories.

Here is a brief selection of the authors you will find in our online shop in the future: Horst Wein, Ralf Peter, Peter Schreiner, Peter Hyballa, Norbert Vieth, Timo Jankowski and many, many more DFB authors of DFB reference books..

In addition, there are eBooks by professional authors like Matthias Nowak available only from us.

Here you will find not simply “that’s how it is” books and DVDs. The descriptions are individually and comprehensively written by us, after reviewing and reading the books and DVDs. Sorting through the media is not always easy but our clear menu choices are designed to help. In the future menu classifications, e.g. soccer by age categories, goalie, tactics, game intelligence, authors and more lead you quickly to the book or DVD you want.

In addition, there is the search function that can lead you quickly to your target, given the large selection in our shop. Haven’t found the article you were looking for in spite of all this? Just call us or write to us using our contact form; we will gladly put our experience to work helping you.

Sought out for you as a special offer for soccer coaches is not the usual online shop. It came into being after the huge success of our websites,,, and worldwide

Decades-long experience working as a coach is why we know what a coach needs for training material in his daily work with children, young persons and seniors. At the same time, we are constantly refreshing our inventory: What are the current trends in soccer? Which book or DVD has become outdated?

What is important to us?

You already got your first impression of us from our internet page; this is important and has probably convinced you because otherwise, you would not have reached this point ;-)

Technical development has made tremendous strides but as a small company, we try always to represent ourselves as customer-friendly. For us on the internet, our appearance, user friendliness, optimized menu selections and simple procedures are what is important.

In order to not miss anything, you should follow us on Facebook. But not just that: look around on our other websites as mentioned above. Purchasing from our shop is a lot of fun because we see ourselves as a community: you can empathize with our other customers at many points on our site.

We have been operating our principal domain, since 2003. We try to be convincing through trustworthiness and competence. On our forum, we are open to the public!

We thank you in advance for your suggestions and will gladly help you with our know-how. Expect something of us because that impels us to do even more.

All articles will be delivered quickly

The items you order in our online shop, come directly out of our own inventory. Sometimes you also have the possibility of purchasing books or DVDs that have not yet appeared. Naturally, we do not have these in stock but you will be advised as part of the description of the article when we expect it to appear.

Thus, you can count on short delivery times!

All important information such as possible methods of payment, terms and conditions, cancellation, etc. can be found by activating the appropriate links on every webpage.

Once you are one of our customers, then you can be assured of being satisfied with our service.


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